Madison Art Guild Constitution By-Laws

Approved October 20, 2010 – Revised October 16, 2014


Membership in Madison Art Guild (MAG) is open to any artist, amateur or professional, who lives in Dane County, Wisconsin. As of October 19th, 2013, members who permanently leave their residence in Dane County, WI, except for Honorary Members, shall forfeit their membership in the Madison Art Guild.

Section A. Application for Membership

  • 1. Process
    A prospective member must fill out an application and submit it to the chairperson of the Membership Committee. In addition, a prospective member must submit for jurying two recent original artworks.
  • 2. Jurying
    A non-MAG member who is a professional artist shall act as juror. He/she will review the application and art works. That juror’s decision on admission shall be final. Jurying and acceptance of new members shall occur annually during the month of September, after the number of renewing members is known.

Section B. Types of Membership

  • 1. Active Membership
    An Active Member shall, at least annually, enter one recent original art work not previously submitted nor shown in any local juried exhibition, in the MAG Salon or another MAG sponsored exhibition. Participation in Art Fair on the Square does not fulfill this requirement. If an Active Member fails to do so, he/she reverts to inactive status, provided annual dues have been paid. In addition, a new member shall volunteer and complete at least one task during the year after the initial jurying.
  • 2. Inactive Status Membership
    Those members who do not take an active part in the year’s program, may revert to inactive status for up to two years. MAG members in inactive status shall pay dues and may participate in MAG events and shows except for Art Fair on the Square. Inactive members may thereby return to active membership without having to reapply for active membership. 

  • 3. Honorary Membership
    Artists who have been members of Madison Art Guild for at least five years and who, because of health issues, are no longer able to produce art or participate in the Salon, shall be granted Honorary status and shall receive all membership communication but shall not be required to pay dues. 

  • 4. Friends of Madison Art Guild
    Any non-member person who supports MAG either through financial contributions or active service shall be considered a Friend of MAG. Friends shall not be able to display artwork in MAG shows.


Section A. Selection of Officers

  • 1. Elected Officers
    The elected officers of MAG shall be: President, Vice-president, Secretary, and Treasurer. The nominating committee shall be responsible for the slate of candidates for elected office. Officers shall be elected at the annual meeting or a special meeting.
  • 2. Terms
    Each officer elected shall serve a term of two years. The Vice-president succeeds the President at the end of her/his term. At the end of the President’s term s/he shall become Past President and shall serve a two-year term as a member of the Executive Committee. Officers and the past President may serve for consecutive terms if they are re-elected.
  • 3. Resignations and Vacancies
    If an officer is unable or unwilling to complete her/his term, the Executive Committee shall appoint a replacement.

Section B. Duties

The officers shall perform the duties that are implied in their respective titles. Officers will rely on Robert’s Rules of Order for guidance.

President: The President shall:

  • 1. Set the direction for the good of Madison Art Guild.
  • 2. Preside at meetings of the Executive Committee, Board or membership.
  • 3. Appoint Chairpersons of Standing Committees when a vacancy occurs and of Special Committees as needs arise.
  • 4. Represent the Guild in all associations of which it is a member or in all events and activities in which the Guild participates.

Vice-President: The Vice-President shall:

  • 1. Succeed to the office of President should the President cease to be a member or resign. 2. Preside at meetings of the Executive Committee, Board or membership in the absence of the President. 3. Review and recommend to the Board and membership, changes in the Association Bylaws. 4. Supervise, at the direction of the President, fund raising activities approved by the Board or membership.

Secretary: The Secretary shall:

  • 1. Record the minutes of meetings of the Executive Committee, Board and membership.
  • 2. Preside at meetings of the Executive Committee, Board and membership in the absence of the President and Vice-President.
  • 3. Have custody of all books, records, electronic records, and papers except those in the custody of the Treasurer or another officer.
  • 4. Prepare the minutes of Board meetings for inclusion in the Newsletter.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall:

  • 1. Keep correct books of all accounts.
  • 2. Present to the Board, a monthly financial statement showing all income and disbursements.
  • 3. Within 30 days of the end of each fiscal year (June--May), present to the Board a detailed year-end financial statement.
  • 4. Arrange for all necessary bonding and insurance.
  • 5. Prepare and file any required tax returns or forms or cause them to be filed by a qualified designee.
  • 6. Make disbursements approved by the Board and secure vouchers thereof.
  • 7. Receive and deposit all monies of the Guild in the Guild’s bank account(s).


Section A. Members

The Executive Committee shall consist of the MAG officers and the Past President.

Section B. Duties

The Executive Committee shall have general supervision and control over the affairs of the organization. The committee shall appoint the chairpersons of Standing Committees and Special Committees as it deems necessary. Alternatively, it may delegate any appointment to the President. One member of the Executive Committee shall serve ex-officio on the Membership Committee.


Section A. Members

The Board of Directors shall consist of the Executive Committee and the chairpersons of Standing Committees.

Section B. Duties

The Board of Directors shall vote upon, manage and direct the affairs of the MAG.


Section A. Standing Committees

  • 1. Function
    MAG Standing Committees shall perform the duties necessary to the successful long-term functioning of the organization, such as, exhibitions, membership, nominations, programs, publications, publicity, hospitality, workshops, newsletter, and communications. The Executive Committee shall determine the number and function of Standing Committees.
  • 2. Appointment
    The President, after consultation with the Executive Committee, shall appoint the chairpersons of the Standing Committees. Chairpersons may be reappointed for any number of consecutive years. 

  • 3. Membership
    Members of Standing Committees shall be appointed by the committee chairperson or the Executive Committee.

Section B. Special Committees

  • 1. Function
    Special Committees shall be those created by the Executive Committee to serve a specific short-term purpose. 
Chairpersons of Special Committees shall not be members of the Board.
  • 2. Membership
    Members of a Special Committee shall be appointed by the committee chairperson or the Executive Committee.


Section A. Executive Committee Meetings

The Executive Committee shall meet upon the call of the President or at the request of any two officers.

Section B. Board of Directors Meetings

The Board of Directors shall hold a minimum of four meetings a year upon call of the President or any three members of the board. All MAG members are encouraged to attend.

Section C. General Membership Meetings

The MAG membership shall meet annually, normally during the month of October, but the date and place is to be determined by the Executive Committee with advance notice to the membership. The Executive Committee may call special meetings as necessary. Decisions shall be reached by the majority vote of members present.


Section A. Amount of dues

Members shall pay annual dues in an amount determined by the Board and presented at the annual or a special meeting of the general membership.

Section B. Deadline for Payment

Dues must be paid by June 30 of each year, except for Honorary Members. However, new members being juried in September shall pay prorated annual dues upon notice of acceptance into MAG.

Section C. Sanctions

  • 1. Notice and Penalty
    Members who have not paid dues in a timely manner shall receive one subsequent notice. Any member who has not paid dues or required fees by August 1 shall be dropped from the membership list without further notice. 

  • 2. Reinstatement
    Former members who have not paid dues for two years or more must reapply for membership and be juried into MAG if they wish to become active again. Those persons who have been inactive less than two years and have not paid dues must apply to the Board of Directors for reinstatement.


Section A. Notice

The By-laws may be amended at any annual or special meeting provided advance notice of such amendment(s) has been made available to each member before the meeting.

Section B. Passage

Amendments shall be passed by majority vote of Active Members present.

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