MAG Salon 2012 Award Winners

Ed Mayland BEST OF SHOW:
Angie Dega - Flower Ring

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William and Margaret Schmidt Memorial Awards:
Gold: Joyce Wilson: Fiberlace Scarf
Silver: Kae Taylor: New Growth XVIII
Bronze: Sandra Grieger-Block: The Nike of Naxos

Harold Walter Burdekin Memorial Award:
Judith Werner: Circles, Screws, and Nuts

Judge's Award:
Charmaine Harbort: Sorbet Collection-Set 1
Collage, Mixed Media, Batik And Printmaking:
First: Jane Busse: Blue Breeze
Second: Sandi Wysock: King of Prairie
Honorable Mention: Teresa Gerhards: A Well Traveled Road
Oils, Acrylics And Encaustic:
First: Marilyn Knipfer: Spring Stream
Second: Asha Saini: Mirthful Flowers
Honorable Mention: (Tie):
Bill Ronne: Anasazi
Daniel Bakken: Evening
Pastels And Drawing:
First: David Carpenter: Like a Bird in Flight
Second: Sue Lewis: Boreal Majesty
Honorable Mention: Joel Wish: Through the Looking Glass

Pat Massey Memorial Award:
Vera Nikiforov: Elaine

First: Steven Ralser: Fence
Second: Carolyn Gantner: Mosaic
Honorable Mention: Aileen Musa: Night Light
3-D, Metals, Ceramics, Sculpture, Glass, Fiber, Etc:
First: Norma Koshalek: Beaded Sterling & Amethyst Belt
Second: Norma Hove: Untitled
Honorable Mention: Sandra Haspl: Searching
Watercolor and Gouache:
First: Nancy Emmons Smith: The Woods Beyond
Second: Kathy Winters: Iris at Sunset
Honorable Mention: Susan Young: These Things are Swirling 'Round My Head
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