MAG Policies and Procedures Manual

Adopted by the MAG Executive Board March 5, 2012

The main activities of the Madison Art Guild (MAG) take place in the form of events that offer the membership the following types of opportunities:

  • 1. To display and possibly sell their art at venues such as the MAG Summer Salon at UWHC, the MAG January Showcase at UWHC, the Art Fair on the Square, local libraries and biannual art fairs at the Hilldale Shopping Center.
  • 2. Educational opportunities such as MAG sponsored workshops and field trips.
  • 3. Information about art activities in our area that are offered by other organizations and may be of interest to MAG members published in the MAG Newsletter and/or on the MAG website.
  • 4. Opportunities sponsored by MAG to participate in community service projects.

The goal of this Policy and Procedure Manual is to standardize and explain the procedures that go into the planning and smooth operation of these events in order to serve as a guide for officers and committee members who are working on these events.

The hope is that this standardization will also encourage more of the MAG membership to participate in these events. This manual will be accessible through the MAG website to all MAG members.

Section 1: The Summer Salon

Policy and Procedure approved March 7, 2012

  • A. Policy: A description of the role of the Salon Chair and the five main areas of planning that go into a successful Summer Salon.
  • B. Procedures:
    • 1. The Salon Chair is chosen by the Executive Board and may be a Board member or other MAG member. The Salon Chair reports to the Executive Board at least monthly and as needed.
    • 2. The Salon Chair forms the Salon Committee which consists of committee members assigned duties related to the following functions:
      • Salon Membership Notification and Printed Materials Coordinator
      • Salon Awards Solicitation Coordinator
      • Salon Judging Coordinator
      • Salon Reception Coordinator
      • Salon Intake and Pick up Coordinator
    • 3. Timeline for Salon Planning and Preparation:
      • By late December:
        • a. Salon Chair chosen and confirmed by Executive Board.
        • b. Salon Coordinator begins to form Salon Committee.
      • January:
        • a. Dates for Salon and Salon Reception confirmed by Salon Chair with Sarah Grimes, UWHC art director.
        • b. Salon Chair identifies candidate(s) for Salon Judge.
        • c. The judge candidate is contacted to check on availability. (If the judge candidate cannot yet confirm due to indefinite summer schedule, a follow up date should be established.)
        • d. The budget for the Salon Reception is estimated. (See specifics of this process under the Salon Chair responsibilities.)
      • February:
        • a. Salon Committee meets and assigns the duties of the five Committee functions. (See Section 1, Procedure B-2).
        • b. Salon coordinator reports to Board members through email after this meeting.
      • March and early April:
        • a. Salon Packet materials printed and assembled. Salon Packets mailed to entire membership by April 20th. In addition to the usual Salon documents, the packet will contain a sheet detailing Salon volunteer opportunities and how to sign up for these.
        • b. Salon postcards ordered. These are distributed at the Salon Intake.
        • c. Awards Solicitation letters sent out to potential award donors.
        • d. Budget for Salon Reception finalized and given to Salon Reception Coordinator.
        • e. Volunteers contacted and confirmed to help with Salon Reception set up and clean up after the Reception.
      • May:
        • a. Salon Reception Menu finalized. Food may be ordered from the UWHC Food Services: Vicki Kaufman, Catering Supervisor: Food may also be ordered from local grocery stores such as Copp’s Deli or Sam’s Club.
        • b. Arrangements should be made and finalized for a MAG member to type the wall cards that will be placed next to each piece of art to be displayed at the Salon. This can be completed before the day of the Salon Intake as the packet materials are mailed back to the Intake Coordinator. The master list of all displaying artists and their art (title, medium, price and/or NFS status) can also be completed prior to the day of Intake.
        • c. Volunteers should be contacted and confirmed (8-9) to be present at the Intake to help with check-in, dues payment and, art transport, etc.
        • d. Number and type of awards are finalized from the positive responses to the Solicitation Letters and supplemental monies from the MAG Treasury if needed.
        • e. The Judge will decide whether a Judge’s Award will be given. There can be up to 3 Judge’s Awards.
      • June:
        • a. Intake (usually the 1st Saturday in June).
        • b. Judge chooses the winners in each category. This must be completed by June 15th. The Judging Coordinator will work with the Judge to facilitate this.
        • c. A Salon Program listing each award and every MAG participant (plus the title of their work and its entry category) is prepared to be handed out at the beginning of the Salon Reception The winners in each category will be listed on a separate insert page that will be handed out with the program. This separate insert page will allow the rest of the Salon Program to be printed even before the winners have been chosen and help eliminate the last minute rush before the Reception.
        • d. Winners of awards are notified that they have won “an award” prior to the Salon Reception to encourage their attendance.
        • e. Photographer (from within MAG membership) contacted and confirmed to photograph the Salon winners and candid photos to be printed in the MAG Yearbook.
      • July:
        • a. Thank you letters written and mailed to the Salon Judge, award donors and to Sarah Grimes. (Any payments for artwork sold during the Salon and any gratuities are given to Sarah Grimes at the Salon Reception.
        • b. Since MAG annual membership dues plus the Salon fee now will be paid at the time Salon packet information is mailed back to the Salon Intake Coordinator (by the end of May), members who have not yet paid their dues should receive a letter stating that their membership will lapse if the membership dues are not paid by July 15th.
      • August:
        • Board Treasurer is to collect the 5% commission due to MAG from any art sales at the Salon.
  • C. Madison Art Guild Annual Salon Chair and Coordinators:
    Functions and Duties of Each:

    • 1. Salon Chair:
      • Function: Charged by Executive Board to oversee the development and implementation of the Madison Art Guild Salon.
        Reports progress to Executive Board monthly and as needed.
      • Responsibilities/Tasks:
        • a. (1) Reserves Skylight Lounge (surgical waiting room at UWHC) through Sarah Grimes, UWHC art director in January.
              (2) Determines, with Sarah Grimes help, a date (other than Father’s Day) for the Salon Reception.
        • b. Meets on a regular basis with the 5 Salon Coordinators to assess progress made in each of the Committee’s assigned responsibilities/tasks. Helps identify MAG members whose past experience can be a valuable resource.
        • c. Determines Salon Budget (based on expected number of MAG participants.
          The Salon Budget needs to cover:
          • (1) Printing and mailing cost of Packet Materials.
          • (2) Printing of Salon Reception programs and membership cards.
          • (3) Honorarium for Salon Judge.
          • (4) Monetary Salon Awards that are supplemental to the Gift Certificates gained through solicitation.
          • (5) Refreshments for the Salon Reception.
          • (6) Any remaining payment due on the display case given to UWHC by MAG in 2011. (Will be paid in full in 2013).
        • d. Identifies Candidates for Salon Judge and oversees contact with and confirmation of the Salon Judge by April 15th.
        • e. Presides, along with MAG President and/or Judge at the Salon Reception Awards ceremony.
        • f. Coordinates with the MAG Board Secretary to write a press release re: Salon and contact local news media (or delegates responsibilities for this). Also coordinates (in same manner) a Salon follow up press release with the names of the award winners.
        • g. Arranges for a photographer (usually a MAG member) to take photos of award winners and candid photos of the Salon Reception to be used in the MAG yearbook.
    • 2. Salon Membership Notification and Printed Materials Coordinator:
      • Function: Oversees the production and distribution of the Salon Membership Materials, according to standardized procedure. Reports to the Salon Chair.
      • Responsibilities/Tasks:
        • a. Oversees preparation of Salon Membership Packet.
          Prototype/templates of material to be enclosed exist in MAG databases.
          These Materials include:
          • (1) Updated Salon instructions for members regarding Salon rules. Sarah Grimes, UWHC art coordinator, must approve these instructions. She hangs the show in the Skylight Lounge at UWHC.
          • (2) (a) One identification card to be affixed to back of incoming artwork.
                 (b) One Registration Card to be used in recording all Salon participant artist’s name, title of work, medium and price (including Not for sale” pieces. Value needed for insurance purposes.) This must be mailed back to the Salon Intake Coordinator by May 10th.
                 (c) One card to be used by MAG Treasurer as a receipt for membership and salon fees. This is also mailed back to the Salon Intake coordinator along with the check for the annual dues and Salon fee by May 10th. The MAG Treasurer will get these from the Intake Coordinator prior to Intake.
                 (d) One card to be filled out and returned by any MAG members who are unable to fulfill their annual membership requirement of entering a piece of their art in the Summer Salon. Even if not showing in the Salon, the member is required to send their check for the annual MAG dues with this card to the Intake Coordinator by May 10th.
        • b. Assigns each member an identification number. This number is written on each of the 4 cards described above. The number associated with each artist is also entered next to the artist’s name in a master copy of the most current membership list to record registration information.
        • c. Ensures Salon Packets are mailed by April 20th and returned by May 10th.
        • d. Communicates with the Intake and Pick-up Coordinator as needed to ensure continuity.
        • e. Is also responsible for the printing of:
          • (1) MAG membership cards (distributed to members at the Salon Intake if full payment of annual dues has been paid as instructed above. These can be mailed later to Salon members unable to attend and who pay their dues through the mail.
          • (2) Mailing labels and return address labels for the initial Salon Packets and any Salon Awards Packets that may need to be mailed to Salon winners unable to attend the Reception.
        • f. Oversees the production of the Salon Programs and Award Certificates.
        • g. Forwards the file containing the Awards Ceremony Program after the Salon Reception to the person responsible for adding information the the MAG website.
        • h. Creates an Award Certificate for each award. Prototypes exist in MAG documents. If desired, blank award certificates can be purchased and the winners’ names can be typed or written into the name blank.
        • i. MAG owns a gold seal embossing tool that is used to emboss the MAG logo on to a gold seal on each award certificate. This can be done by any member of the Salon Committee after the Award Certificates are printed.
    • 3. Salon Awards Solicitation Coordinator:
      • Function: Solicits monetary, services and materials donations that will later be given to award winning artists.
        Reports to Salon Chair.
      • Responsibilities:
        • a. Identifies persons, businesses, organizations, etc. to be approached for possible awards donations. (Lists of former donors are available in MAG documents.)
        • b. Prepares solicitation letters. (Sample letters available in MAG documents.)
        • c. Begins sending solicitation letters in late March/early April based on past fundraising list plus any new donor additions. All solicitation letters should be mailed by April 15th.
        • d. In conjunction with Salon Chair, determines the number of awards to be given. This number consists of the standard awards for each category plus any memorial awards for MAG members deceased since last Salon. This will help establish the fundraising goals.
        • e. Solicitation and collection of donations completed by the 1st week in June.
        • f. Follow up phone calls to those who have been sent letters (for clarification, confirmation, etc) are done as needed by coordinator and designees.
        • g. When donations are confirmed, but not mailed, they should be picked up at donor site by coordinator and/or designees.
    • 4. Salon Judging and Awards Coordinator:
      • Function: Direct communication with the person identified by the Salon Chair to judge the Summer Salon entries. Works with the Awards Solicitation Coordinator to assure continuity of awards available and awards given. Reports to the Salon Chair.
      • Responsibilities/Tasks:
        • a. Salon Chair will confirm the Judge and communicate same to Judging and Awards Coordinator by end of April. Once this is done the Judging and Awards coordinator or designee will be the contact person for all communications with the Judge.
          The Judge is generally offered a $200 honorarium.
          Arrangements should be made for the Judge to receive the Judging Master Sheets in a timely manner.
        • b. Prepares the Judging Master sheets to be used by the Judge. (A sample template is available in the MAG documents.) Be certain that the Judging sheet includes room for the Judge to enter short written comments about each award-winning work. The Judge is given two (2) identical copies of Judging Master sheets for each of the Award categories. One copy is a “working copy” for the Judge and one copy is the “final decision copy” to be returned to the Awards Coordinator no later than June 15th or 2 weeks before the Salon Reception. (This allows time for the award packets and the Salon program insert with winners’ names to be completed.)
        • c. When communicating with the Judge prior to Judging, inform him/her that there is an expectation that the Judge includes, on the Judging sheets, short written comments about each award-winning work.
        • d. Sarah Grimes, UWHC art coordinator, hangs the show beginning the Saturday morning during Intake. She hangs the pieces and attaches the ID cards to the walls all in one day, so the Judge can come in as early as the next day (Sunday) to begin judging. Since the Skylight Lounge is the Surgical Waiting Area, it would be best if the Judge worked on the weekend or in the evenings so the Judge can get up close to the artwork. If the Judge wishes to photograph the works to use as a reference later, UWHC Security MUST be informed ahead of time because cameras are not usually allowed in public areas within the hospital. It is suggested that the Judging and Awards Coordinator be available to work with the Judge during the judging process to facilitate the timing and carrying out of the judging process.
        • e. Judging needs to be completed by June 15th or at least 10-14 days prior to the Salon Reception. This allows reasonable time for the Salon Award Packets to be assembled and the Salon Programs printed.
        • f. The Judge may works independently and mail or e-mail the results to the Judging and Awards Coordinator.
        • h. With the Salon Chair, assigns values to each award from the donations and/or any additional funds needed from the MAG general fund. (See appendix A for suggested monetary breakdown for awards.)
        • g. The Judging and Awards Coordinator determines, in conjunction with the Salon Chair, the awards to be given. Awards are given in the following categories:
          • * The “Ed Mayland Award” (Best of Show)
          • * The William and Margaret Schmidt Awards:
          • * The Judge’s Award (It is the Judge’s choice whether he/she will award between 0-3 of these. If > 1, then they will be First, Second and Third.
          • * Memorial award(s)honoring MAG members who have died since the last Salon.
          • * First Place in each of the following five Categories:
            • (1) Painting or Drawing not under glass or Plexiglas: oil, acrylic, encaustic, varnished/sealed watercolor paintings and other durable painting or drawing media, including minimal mixtures of painting media such as acrylics with archival ink.
            • (2) Painting or Drawing under glass or Plexiglas: acrylic, watercolor, egg tempera, ink painting, Sumi-e or Oriental brush painting, pastel painting, oil, encaustic and other painting media including minimal mixtures of painting media such as acrylics or watercolor with ink details, pencil, pen and ink, colored pencil, markers and other types or mixtures of mark-making. Fiber based 2D art. This also includes traditional Printmaking such as lithography, relief, intaglio, mono-print, screen-printing, reduction block printing and other forms of very limited edition (less than 10 prints) of fine art printing. This does not include an archival giclee print of an original artwork in another medium.
            • (3) Mixed Media: 2D artwork displaying two or more types of media, including assemblage, collage, acrylic or watercolor painting on scratchboard drawings (beyond minimal treatment), and other mixed media.
            • (4) Photography and all types of Digital Imaging: digital and film photography which may or may not have been altered through technology using standard darkroom (like dodging and burning, etc) and other photographic editing techniques.
            • (5) Studio Fine Arts: strictly original fine art created in a studio environment such as sculpture, glass blowing, stained glass, pottery, woodwork, jewelry, mosaic, weaving, fiber art, metal work, and other hand-crafting items often but not always created for utilitarian purposes.

            **Note 1: Each artist will be asked to declare their choice of category on the registration form included in the Salon Packet. The category will only be changed if the artist and the Salon Coordinators agree that an artwork belongs in a different category. The Judge will not be allowed to make category changes.

            **Note 2: See Appendix A for a suggested relative breakdown of values for these awards.

        • h. Forwards the winners’ names to the Salon Notification and Printed Materials Coordinator as soon as available. This ensures that the Salon Programs and the insert with winners’ names can be efficiently completed prior to the Salon Reception.
        • k. Determines whether award ribbons will be purchased (must be ordered several weeks early) or made for each award. These ribbons are attached ahead of time to the award wall cards placed by each winning artwork prior to the Salon Reception.
        • l. Prepares Award Packets: (Use large mailing envelopes so no folding is necessary.) Each Award Packet contains:
              Award Certificate
              Award (Check, gift certificate, etc)
              Thank you note which has already been addressed to the individual, business or organization providing the award.) Award winners should complete these and mail them within one week after receiving the award.
        • m. Prior to the Reception, the Judging and Awards Coordinator and Salon Chair will phone each award winner to inform them that they “have won AN award". The specific award information will be kept secret until the night of the Reception. All award winners will be asked to arrive early (at a pre-determined time) for photographs to be taken for use in the annual MAG yearbook.
        • n. Mail Award Packets to those winners who did not attend the Salon Reception.
    • 5. Salon Reception Coordinator:
      • Function: Coordinates the logistical development and implementation of the Salon Reception. Works directly with Sarah Grimes, the UWHC art coordinator, to confirm space and arrange for table setup. Coordinates table decorations using either what is available at the UWHC or providing MAG purchased supplies. Reports directly to the Salon Chair.
      • Responsibilities/Tasks:
        • a. Budget: approximately $4-$5 per person based on the number of MAG members displaying work in the Salon and past attendance numbers or around 130-150 people. food served at the Salon and any purchased supplies. The Salon Chair will determine the amount of money available for the Reception and inform the Reception Coordinator by at least May 15th.
        • b. Establish (prior to the day of Reception pre and post-reception set-up and clean-up team of MAG volunteers. Work with MAG Membership Chairman to get names of volunteers.
        • c. A microphone and speakers should be reserved/rented from Full Compass in Middleton at least 2-3 wks ahead of time. Pick up and return of same can be delegated to another MAG member.
        • d. One week before Reception, confirm with Sarah Grimes that the appropriate UWHC staff has been notified of the Salon date/time so two tables, with paper table skirts will be set up. Plastic tablecloths can be purchased or if MAG purchases tablecloths for this purpose, these can be used.
        • e. Plan the food/beverages to be served at the Reception and take care of all ordering and pickup for these. Refreshments can be ordered through UWHC Food Services, but do not have to be. Alternatives include other local grocery stores.
        • f. If ordering through UWHC Food Services, contact Vicki Kaufman, Catering Supervisor. E-mail: Be sure that the name and address of the MAG Treasurer are given to Vicki before the Salon Reception for billing purposes.
        • g. Flowers and greenery are obtained for table decoration. Options for this are: Farmer’s Market, or floral/greenery donations from MAG members or the community.
        • h. Arrives early with volunteers to set up refreshments and table decorations. Designates at least 2-3 volunteers to keep tables supplied during Reception.
        • i. Works with the clean-up team of volunteers to clean both tables and any other area(s) used after the Reception.
        • j. If a considerable amount of food is left over, it is taken by any MAG member to the Homeless Shelter at Grace Episcopal Church, Port St. Vincent or other local charitable organization. Ziploc plastic bags may be needed to package leftover food. Disposable original Deli containers can also be used.
    • 6. Salon Intake and Pick Up Coordinator:
      • Function: Coordinates and oversees the Intake and Pick Up of Salon art. Works with new MAG members who are asked to assist with the intake and pick up process. Reports directly to the Salon Chair.
      • Responsibilities/Tasks related to Salon Intake:
        • a. Checks with Sarah Grimes to see that six (6) chairs and two tables are set up in the UWHC Main Entrance for Intake.
        • b. Intake scheduled time is 9AM to 11AM for members to drop off their art so Coordinator and volunteers need to arrive by 8:30AM. Coordinator is to instruct volunteers regarding their duties and arrival time.
        • c. Directly communicates with Sarah Grimes, UWHC art coordinator and MAG Salon liaison to coordinate the software program used by Sarah to print out the wall ID cards placed by Sarah next to each work when hung. Sarah should also be asked about any specific instructions for Intake or Pick Up dependent on UWHC physical plant at the time.
        • d. Coordinates Intake procedure as follows:
          • (1) Plans for checking to be sure of the status of the Salon and MAG membership fees at Intake. Both should have been received along with the artist’s registration information by May 10th.
          • (2) MAG treasurer is present to take checks for fees if someone has not yet paid, signs a receipt and records each check number on the Treasurer’s master sheet.
          • (3) One volunteer assists Treasurer by finding the appropriate Membership Card given to paid-up members.
          • (4) One volunteer checks the artist’s name, title of artwork, medium, and value (regardless of whether it is for sale or not) for insurance purposes, against the information from the Master Registration list. One copy of this list is signed by the Intake Coordinator and by Sarah Grimes. This becomes the legal documentation of all artworks.
          • (5) A wall card for each artwork is given to Sarah Grimes who will later hang it by each piece of art.
            **Note: Great care must be taken in flagging NFS items in one column on the Master Sheet.
          • (6) Makes available Salon publicity postcards at Intake announcing the Salon Reception details for members to use for their friends/family.
      • Responsibilities/Tasks related to Salon Pick-Up:
        • a. Pick-up is scheduled for the last Saturday of July, 9AM-11AM. As all artwork is taken down by Sarah Grimes, it is necessary to transport all Salon artwork from the Surgical Waiting Room to the hallway of the Front Entrance of UW Hospital. Paintings are leaned against the hallway walls and smaller items are placed on two tables in the Front Entrance.
        • b. Materials needed:
          • - Master List from Intake of all artwork submitted to Salon.
          • - Pens/pencils and post-its.
          • - Sarah’s cart for transporting artwork.
          • - Two tables at the UW Hospital Front Entrance for holding small items, such as jewelry and sculpture.
          • - Nametags for all of the workers.
          • - MAG Yearbook
        • c. A copy of the original Master List from Salon Intake is used as a check-off list for all artwork that is picked up. If a second person picks up artwork for an individual artist, that person’s name should be indicated in the margin of the Pick-Up Master Sheet so that it is known who is responsible for seeing that the artist receives his/her artwork.
        • d. At least five (5) volunteers are needed: Two transport and carry artwork from the Surgical Waiting Room, one person stays in the Surgical Waiting Area to watch the artwork so that none of it is stolen, one person needs to man the table in the UW Hospital Front Entrance to check off each piece of artwork that is picked up by the artist or designated representative of the artist, and another person troubleshoots, i.e. helping an artist who can’t find his/her work.
        • e. Volunteers should arrive by 8:40 AM to immediately start moving the artwork to the Hospital Front Entrance. (Sarah Grimes usually arrives before 8:30 AM and starts taking down the art and opening the display cases.)
        • f. All delicate artwork should be hand-carried, i.e. pastels and sculptures.
        • g. There may be leftover awards packets from the Salon for winners who were unable to attend. These need to be given to the artists at the time of check-off.
        • h. Extra Salon Programs are made available for those MAG members who could not/did not attend the Reception.
        • i. At 10:40 AM phone calls can be made to artists who have not picked up their artwork. As calls are made, post-it notes are placed on the artwork reporting what is learned through the phone call.
        • j. The balance of the artwork is taken to a MAG member’s home. It should not be left at UW Hospital!
        • k. It is the responsibility of the artist to pick up their own artwork from the MAG member’s home within a reasonable length of time at a prearranged time with the person storing the art.
        • l. Artwork that is not picked up within 2 months becomes the property of MAG and may be used for a silent auction or other appropriate event in the future. (This will be clearly stated in the material each artist receives in their Salon Packet.)

Appendix A: Example of Relative Values For Salon Awards:

$100 * The” Ed Mayland Award” (Best of Show)
* William and Margaret Schmidt Awards
$90  Gold
$80  Silver
$70  Bronze
$60, $40, $25 * Judge’s Award(s) (It is the Judge’s choice whether he/she will award between 0-3 of these. If >1 then they will be: First, Second, Third.
$60 * Memorial award(s)honoring MAG members who have died since the last Salon.
$50 * First in each of the 5 Media Categories

Note: If Donations allow larger monetary value awards or necessitate smaller values, base the specific values using the above numerals as Percents: (Example: $100=100%)

MAG artists